BrickBlock ICO Review – BBT Token Details – BlockChain based Investment Platform

BrickBlock is a blockchain based investment platform for  ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds, REFs – Real Estate Funds and CTFs – Coin Traded Funds.

Concept / Company

Brickblock will help private investors diversify their portfolios beyond cryptocurrencies and tokens, reducing the overall risk. In addition to other benefits, this helps:

  • Significantly lower the costs of investing in REFs, ETFs, CMFs and CTFs through cutting out the
    middlemen and pooling investment volume,
  • Create steady returns in the form of dividends and coupons,
  • Hedge the systemic risk of a heated market,
  • Clarify fees, tracking errors and liquidity,
  • Minimize bureaucratic overhead,
  • Empower everyone to invest directly in global funds in every market, regardless of where funds or investors live.

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BrickBlock BBT Initial Token Sale Details 

ICO Opening Date31 -Oct-2017
ICO Closing Date21-Nov-2017
WhitepaperLink to Whitepaper
Start Price 1 BBT =  $0.40
Bonus / Pre ICO OfferSee below
  • BBT Token Total Supply :  500 Million tokens

To be eligible for a discount, you must be registered for the whitelist. You can register on the homepage of the Brickblock website. Registered users will be notified shortly before the ICO whether they are in Discount Period 1 (10% off the price of BBT) or Discount Period 2 (5% off the price of BBT).

31-Oct  to 1-Nov$0.36selected whitelist customers
1-Nov – 2 Nov$0.38selected whitelist customers 
2-Nov to 7-Nov$0.40 
7-Nov to 14-Nov$0.43 
14-Nov to 21-Nov$0.48 

Use of Token :    

  • Brickblock tokens (BBT) :  These tokens will only be released during the contribution period in exchange for ETH and Bitcoin. If the Brickblock tokens are stored in a special smart contract, the Brickblock token holder will receive a certain amount of access tokens per week until the Brickblock tokens are withdrawn from the smart contract.
  • Access Token:  Broker-dealers and fund managers need access tokens to list their fund on the Brickblock platform and to pay market-determined Brickblock fees when REFs, ETFs, CMFs or CTFs are sold. The access token is then burned. Brickblock will determine the amount of access tokens based on supply and demand. Fees for transactions on the Brickblock platform are 0.5% of the transaction volume for each transaction. These fees have to be paid with Access Tokens.
  • Proof-of-Asset Token: For ETFs and REFs, PoA tokens represent real-world assets in the form of securities. For CMFs and CTFs, they represent a claim to coin funds on a secured trading account or in the custodians’ wallets. Users receive a PoA token in return for every fund in which they invest, which represents a legally enforceable claim to the underlying assets.

Team:   The Brickblock team is comprised of members who have founded market-leading Bitcoin payment providers, developed software for Coinbase, lead teams at McKinsey, improved security at Kaspersky Lab, and are legally at the forefront of the blockchain space.

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RoadMap:   Roadmap is not available on the website or in the whitepaper.

How to Invest : You can buy Brickblock tokens using Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, or fiat currency (debit/credit card or bank transfer).  See details.

Other Similar ICOs :   N/A

Current Status: will be added once the ICO is live.

BrickBlock ICO Review: 

USP:  The company allows to trade various funds based on index, real estate and coins through one platform. The company has already launched its alpha version to show the commitment to the product.

Cons:  There are already competitors in this space like LAToken etc.  Roadmap is not provided on the website or in the whitepaper.

Summary: The platform has potential to become popular as it allows small investors to crowd invest in various investments options.  Members may consider to invest in this token. 
Latest Market Price:  To be added when listed.

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