CopPay ICO Review – COP Token – CryptoCurrency Payment Platform

CopPay is a cryptocurrency payment platform.

Concept / Company

The company has developed a virtual terminal that can accept multiple cryptocurrencies and will be installed free of charge. CopPay terminals enable cross-border use of cryptocurrency, doing away with intermediaries between clients and merchants. There are zero transaction fees and merchants can exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money in real time. CopPay receives a 2% commission from each exchange transaction; a cost that’s added to the average exchange rate and paid by the buyer.

CopPay virtual terminals have a built-in cryptocurrency-to-fiat money exchange function.

COP Initial Token Sale Details 

ICO Opening Date30-Oct-2017
ICO Closing Date30-Nov-2017
WhitepaperLink to Whitepaper
Start Price 1 ETH = 19000 COP

1 COP ~ $0.016

Bonus / Pre ICO OfferSee below
  • COP Token Total Supply :  2325 million COP tokens
  • 75 million :  pre ICO (3%)
  • 1250 million : ICO Sale (54%)  –   Available in Token Sale (ICO) : 65800 ETH
  • 1000 million:  Core Team and Advisors   (43%) 

Token Sales:   If you whitelist yourself before the ICO start, you will get 20% bonus.

Use of Token :   

A CopPay fund will be created once the ICO is over, to buy back COP tokens. 10% of funds collected during ICO will be allocated to the fund. After that, 1% of each 2% exchange commission will be sent to the fund. We will buy COP tokens at the market price, using exchanges, in order to use them for our CopPay loyalty program. The percentage of revenue that is allocated to the fund may be changed over time. 

COP holders will be eligible to receive a COP voucher that can be used as a discount when buying goods or services from CopPay merchants. CopPay will allocate a part of its profit to all COP token holders in the form of a COP voucher. When a buyer wants to redeem a COP voucher, he presents a COP voucher to the merchant and will receive up to 50% discount on the amount of that voucher. The merchant that
accepts voucher will receive the full amount in either fiat money or cryptocurrency, depending on their preference. Keep in mind: a COP voucher is not a COP token.

It seems that COP token will be used by merchants if they want to subscribe in the reputation program or any other paid services in the future.

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Team  available in the whitepaper.


How to Invest :  

Other Similar ICOs :   There are many other companies and ICOs that are offering similar services. There will be huge competition in this space.

Current StatusN/A

CopPay ICO Review: 

USP:   No Major USP. It provides a virtual terminal to accept cryptocurrencies with no transaction fees.


  • 2% exchange commission is added to the buyer to convert the crypto currencies to the fiat currency.
  • Token will be used only if the merchant buys the premium services.
  • If merchants do not want to store/save cryptocurrency, they can choose to operate CopPay terminal in exchange mode. To do this they must first register and complete a verification process in order to comply with AML policies.
  • The competition will also be from the companies that offers cryptocurrency based cards that can be used anywhere. You do not need any to convince merchants. Buyers can use it anywhere as normal.
Summary: Due to huge competition in this space, members may consider not to subscribe in this ICO.
 Latest Market Price:  To be added when listed.

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