Everex (EVX) – ICO Review & Details – Microfinance & Remittance Services

Everex is Blockchain-Powered Microfinance and Remittance Services. It has decentralised app for peer to peer payments.  EVEREX is a young technology startup in the blockchain space with both a team and a business-model uniquely qualified to answer some of the challenges of international micro-financing.


Everex is the first fully transparent microfinance platform. Built on Ethereum blockchain technology and accessible from mobile devices, the Everex network allows anyone to request microcredit and send fiat payments from anywhere in the world. Everex offer technology and services within an ecosystem involving cross-border lending, remittances, merchant payments, and currency exchange. The solution assists 2 billion underbanked individuals to build and improve their credit history on the basis of mobile phone data, granting them access with EVX to the global financial system for the first time.

Everex’s wallet app is available on Android. The web version is available at https://everex.cash/.

Everex Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Details

ICO Opening Date24th July 2017
ICO Closing Date31st Aug 2017
WhitepaperLink to Whitepaper
Start Price

1 EVX = 1 USD

Bonus / Pre ICO OfferSee below

Bonus / Pre-ICO offer

  • Current Price: 1 ETH = 190 EVX
  • Price increases to 1 ETH = 180 EVX

Aspects to note and consider

The Everex team has built a total of 5 released products, including Ethplorer and Chainy.

In 2016, Everex conducted a case-study of its remittance system with over 100 Myanmar migrant workers living in Thailand. On average, the users saved an average of 7% in remittance costs and currency-exchange rates when using the Everex capital transfer system.

Pay-out structure

  • Everex will use 20% of its net profit to buy back EVX, which provides another way for the token to appreciate in value.
2016:  VALIDATION AND PILOT-  Scope: 100 migrant workers, 850,000 Crypto THB Successful transfers confirmed between Thailand and Myanmar (eqv. $24,000)


  • Legal structure and framework
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Marketing and PREstablish EVX community Advisory Board Selection
  • Token Sale Platform development and testing
  • Development of EVX token


  • Regulatory Framework Compliance Execution Plan
    License Application for lending and currency exchange
    Establish Partnerships with banks and Liquidity Providers.
    Token Sale Event, listing EVX on exchanges
    Talent Recruitment for Key positions
    Product Portfolio Roadmap Execution Plan Official Launch of Myanmar, Russia and Thailand Markets
    EVX community development


  • Launch of Remittance and Microlending in 3 Asian markets
    New product features validation and integration
    Commercialization Campaign of Cryptocash  Business growth opportunities in Middle East and Europe
    Sales and Marketing Campaign Strategy
    Regulatory Framework Compliance
    Secure Technical Partnerships
    First quarterly EVX token buy back


  • Launch New Markets Middle East
    Market-Specific Sales and Marketing Campaigns
    Business growth opportunities in mature markets: Europe/US
    Business growth opportunities in emerging markets: China, India, SA
    Strengthened Regulatory Framework Compliance
    Establish hardware partnerships
    Establish easy cash in/out network in selected markets
    B2B Expansion Strategy
    Quarterly token buyback


  • Launch of key mature and emerging markets
    Strengthened EVX Community
    Product Portfolio Expansion
    – CrowdLending
    – CrowdInsurance
    – Cryptocash Crowdfunding
    – Blockchain B2B consulting
    Quarterly token buyback

Current Status

As on 13th Aug 2017 (20:00 GMT) , it had raised a total of 39469 ETH (approx  $11 million)

How to Invest

  • On the website, just click on “Sign up” and ythen you need to register on the website.
  • You can then invest by depositing BitCoin or Ethereum to your account.

Other Similar ICOs

This ICO is in competition of another coin OmiseGo which has current market valuation of $700 million. OmiseGo raised $60 million within minutes of Pre-ICO launch. OmiseGo listed in July and within a month, it is up by 1200%. Read review of OmiceGo ICO Details.


This ICO is in concept phase, so has higher risk. However, they have done a pilot on small population.

I would not consider it for buying it for making money in short term, but invest only if you have a long term view. The long term potential looks good.

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