Exchanges / Wallets supporting BitCoin Cash (BCC / BCH)

Bitcoin is likely to split on Aug 1st 2017 and a new currency BitCoin Cash (BCC / BCH) will be created.  Read full post on this and how does it impact BitCoin holders.

Holders of BitCois will get the same amount of BitCoin Cash. However, you need to make sure that your wallet and exchange supports the new currency BCC / BCH.

If they do not support BCC / BCH, you need to withdraw Bitcoins from that exchange / wallet and put it in the supported wallet.

  • CoinBase and GDAX is currently not supporting BitCoin Cash.
  • Exodus, one of the popular bitcoin and cryptocurrency desktop wallet with built-in exchange said that it will not support Bitcoin Cash (BCC / BCH) on the platform. However, Exodus users will still be able to claim their BCC / BCH by importing their private keys into the official BCC client after Aug 1st.
  • The institutional bitcoin trading platform Itbit will not support Bitcoin Cash or a UAHF derivative token
  • Bitmex will not support the split or distribution of Bitcoin Cash.
  • Bitstamp will not honor the BCC / BCHside of the fork and considers the token an “altcoin.”

It’s also worth noting the Bitcoin Cash  may have a problem with its short ‘BCC’ ticker as it is already used by a cryptocurrency called Bitconnectcoin. Some exchanges have mentioned that it will list it is BCH. Read post on BitCoin Cash may have an identity issue – BCC or BCH.

Exchanges supporting BitCoin Cash (BCC)

  • ViaBTC
  • KCoin
  • Bitthumb
  • KEX
  • MercuryCash
  • Kraken
  • HitBTC
  • BitFinex
  • OKCOin
  • Huobi
  • LiveCoin
  • BTCC


Wallets & Services Supporting BitCoin Cash


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