Lucyd ICO – LCD Review & Details – Augmented Reality AR SmartGlasses

Lucyd is introducing the world’s first blockchain-fueled smartglasses called Lucyd Lens. Lucyd, found online at, is an eyeglass company that plans to introduce smartglasses called Lucyd Lens. The smartglasses aim to be the world’s first blockchain-fueled glasses. They’re scheduled for release in Q1 2019.


The company is developing smartglasses built on 13 advanced augmented reality patents. The company’s team consists of “renowned optics experts.” They’ve decentralized the platform to drive content creation for Lucyd Lens glasses, making it easy to develop and distribute AR content that’s viewable through the glasses.

Lucyd Lens smartglasses are built on a decentralized blockchain called Lucyd Lab AR. That blockchain makes it easy to develop and distribute new AR-native content.

The Lucyd Lab AR blockchain is powered by the LCD token. This token organically drives content creation. The ultimate goal is to use community-driven content development to create the world’s first AR-driven blockchain with mass appeal.

Lucyd (LCD) Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Details

ICO Opening Date17-Oct-2017 8am GMT
ICO Closing Date30 Nov 2017 8 pm GMT
WhitepaperLink to Whitepaper
Start Price1 ETH =    150 – 429 WAX
Bonus / Pre ICO OfferSee below

Bonus / Pre-ICO offer: 

  • Lucyd   ICO – 50% of total token ( 50 million Tokens)
  • Total LCD Tokens – 100,000,000 (XX ETH)
  • Fund raising from ICO – USD 10 million (31250 ETH)

Token Sales:  The WAX Token sale will include two phases: Pre-sale and Main sale.

Pre-Sale   (40% discount)Oct 17- Oct 31 1 LCD = .00046875 ETH  (approx USD 0.25)

1 ETH = 2133 LCD  

SaleNov 1 -30 1 LCD = .00078125 ETH(approx USD 0.15)

1 ETH = 1280 LCD


Lucyd Token :  

The Lucyd Lab AR blockchain is fueled by LC tokens. Lucyd is holding a token sale where users can buy LCD tokens. LCD Tokens are used to drive organic app development and user engagement. You’ll receive rewards for developing apps and content, for example, or writing user reviews. To accelerate organic adoption and development of Lucyd Lens, we created the Lucyd Lab AR blockchain. When a 3rd party developer submits new Lucydoptimized content to the App Store/Google Play, they also register it with Lucyd. This creates a new block for that app, which then releases LCD to the developer 
based on the community impact of the app. This is an additional bonus atop traditional app revenue. Peer reviewers of Lucyd content are also rewarded LCD

LCD tokens may be used to purchase Lucyd hardware and native content when available. LCD will also function in Lucyd promotions. For example, the first 500 units of Lucyd Lens will be reserved for purchase via LCD only, so owning LCD gives you an opportunity to be among the first to wear them.

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 Latest Market PriceTo be added when listed.

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