VaultBank ICO Review – VB Token details – Blockchain Bank is a cryptocurrency based bank and exchange with a trading terminal, debit card capabilities, and offering tokens backed by secured credit assets with quarterly Ethereum dividends.The Vaultbank Security Token will be governed by the securities laws of both the US and Singapore

Concept / Company

The Vault Bank fund (the “Fund”) is a Cayman partnership, wholly owned by VaultBank, PLC (the Singapore PLC, which is issuing the tokens) and is designed for sophisticated investors, and expects to commence investment operations in the fourth quarter of 2017. Participation in the Fund is conducted through the Vault Bank Token (the“Token”). The token represents a non-voting share in the Singapore PLC, and provides each Token holder an equitable interest in the underlying performance of the portfolio of credit assets.

  • VaultBank will offer crypto​ compatible​ ​Debit​ ​cardss that will be accepted worldwide. The Vaultbank card is a physical/virtual prepaid/debit MasterCard and mobile app which allows for the use of 120 Foreign Currencies from a single card
  • VaultBank will provide crypto exchange type services as it will allow seamless exchange between cash and cryptocurrencies
  • Vaultbank seeks to minimize the volatility of the token via producing a cryptocurrency
    that is backed by secured credit assets.
  • Vaultbank + Ambisafe develop  Orderbook – a  revolutionary  new trader  and user  experience
    platform that will handle primary market (ICO) and secondary market (token trading)

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VaultBank (VB) Initial Token Sale Details

ICO Opening Date3-Nov-2017
ICO Closing Date30-Nov-2017
WhitepaperLink to Whitepaper
Start Price 1 VB =  $1
Bonus / Pre ICO OfferPre-sale discount – 5%

VB Token Total Supply :  240 Million tokens

Hardcap – 20m Presale / 100mn ICO

Use of Token :    

Vaultbank tokens enable industry leading foreign exchange rates and asset management with a portfolio of lucrative secured credit assets, insured, and robust returns translating into stability for investors.

Vaultbank Tokens offer quarterly dividends and are backed by secured credit assets created by an experienced investment and portfolio management team. Vaultbank Exchange developed with Orderbook by Ambisafe, will also serve as a platform for investors offering liquidity as well as the security and peace of mind that comes with full regulatory compliance.

Team:   See page 24 of the whitepaper.

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RoadMap:   The company has raised $500k at $7mn valuation pre-money.  It has a target to raise $100mn equity.

How to Invest : The ICO will be conducted through an online portal hosted by Orderbook. Once a
potential investor logs onto the Orderbook they are asked for their nationality and domicile.  See details in the whitepaper.

Other Similar ICOs :   N/A

Current Status:

VaultBank ICO Review: 

USP:  The company aims to become a blockchain-based financial services firm offering debit cards, crypto conversion services as well as credit asset backed crypto tokens.

Cons:  The company aims to raise $100mn and the business is in quite initial phase currently,

Summary: The platform has potential to become popular however it will take some time.and it is supposed to be secured by credit assets. Members may consider to invest in this token from long term perspective.
Latest Market Price:  To be added when listed.

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